House of Numbers: Tilman


Hailing from Mainz, Germany, Tilman is an established DJ, producer, and label owner, who embodies a variety of sounds and styles throughout his work. He loves playing around with samples, synths and drum machines, and you can sense the pure joy he gets from making and sharing music in the excellent records he continues to deliver.

Tilman takes care of Fine, an imprint he co-runs with fellow German artist Johannes Albert which boasts an impressive discography of dancefloor weapons, ranging from disco to pumping house energy. Together they have issued many of their own EPs on the label, including Tilman’s superb debut album “Tales And Reactions”. Most recently Tilman launched his own label: Pleasant Systems, a new imprint designed to shine a light on vintage inspired house sounds from both himself and friends.

As well as releasing music on his own imprints, he has put out a host of contemporary deep house and modern disco tracks with Faces, Let’s Play House and Quality Vibe to name a few. A notable release to check is his debut EP “One For The Trouble” for Bristol-based Shall Not Fade, which was released last year.

Tilman makes a pit stop at LAGASTA and enters its series of mini-interviews “House of Numbers”, counting down all his favourite things.

Let’s go! 

ONE song you were whistling lately…

Mark Seven – Working Girl (Parkway Records)

TWO guilty pleasures…

– Pain au chocolat

THREE TV series you love…

1. The Wire
2. Sopranos
3. True Detective

FOUR places you want to visit again…

– Melbourne 
– London
– Brooklyn
– L.A.

FIVE  lessons that life has taught you…

– Be open minded 
– Be patient, you never stop learning
– Try out and don’t give up
– Trust in Karma
– Take care about the Earth




SIX words to describe yourself…

– Thankful 
– Friendly 
– Ambitious 
– Restless 
– Sarcastic 
– Optimistic

SEVEN things you love in Mainz…

– My garden 
– The short ways 
– It’s pretty peaceful here
– The location in Europe 
– Residents are mostly relaxed 
– My family and friends 
– The wine tastes good 

EIGHT things you love from the ’80s…

– Italian Dream House
– The Cars 
– Walkman 
– MTV 
– Fashion style 
– TV series 
– Having no smartphone 
– All the amazing synthesizers!

NINE minutes before the end of the world. How would you spend them…

Riding the S&S 4D Roller Coaster in Fuji-Q Highland. 


TEN years later, how do you imagine yourself…

Hopefully still happy and healthy.


ELEVEN minutes to draw something for LAGASTA…


TWELVE inches version of a track you adore…

Grace Jones – Pull Up To The Bumper (12” Mix)


THIRTEEN-year-old Tilman is dreaming of…

Skating like Guy Mariano in Girl’s “Mouse“ video.

Tilman inaugurates his new imprint Pleasant Systems with his four-track EP “Adventures”.

The record featuring collaborations with Brooklyn’s Will Buck and Munich-based duo Rhode & Brown. On “What’s Mine Is Mine”, Tilman teams up with Will Buck to deliver a track which lays down an amalgamation of airy synth pads, choppy bass stabs, bright piano lines and enchanting flute like melodies atop a swinging drum groove. The track “Velvet Park” opens the flip side, this time joining forces with Rhode & Brown, embracing a classic sound with raw crunchy drums, delayed piano chords, bumpy bass stabs, cinematic strings and brass hooks throughout.

Pick up your copy here.


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