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DC Salas

Hailing from Brussels with Peruvian origins, Diego Cortez Salas, aka DC Salas, has been active on the Belgian and European nightlife scene for 12 years now. As a DJ, DC Salas represents a diverse range of influences and no boundaries making him a rising star. As a skilled producer, he released a series of EPs and remixes on prestigious labels such as Live At Robert Johnson, Correspondant, Relish Recordings, Kuratedby, Kill The DJ, B-Pitch Control, and of course Biologic Records, the label he co-runs with his mate Abstraxion since 2012. A regular DJ at C11 and Kiosk Radio both in Brussels, our beloved Diego makes a pit stop at LAGASTA and enters its series of mini-interviews “House of Numbers”, counting down all his favourite things.

Let’s go! 

ONE song you were whistling lately…

Jeanette’s “L’Amour Joue Au Violon”. An amazing track yet rather unknown. I could spend a whole sunny day listening to it.

TWO things you’ll do when lockdown is over…

1. Hug my friends
2. Some proper club action: being on the dance floor from 11PM to 6AM.

THREE things that you always have in your fridge…

1. Pasta de Rocoto (some spicy sauce from Peru)
2. Pickled Chioggia
3. Some fresh Belgian beers.

FOUR bookmarks on your laptop that you check the most…

My Discogs wantlist – my Discogs wantlist and sometimes: my Discogs wantlist. Did I mention my Discogs wantlist? Actually, I’m really bad at bookmarking. My only bookmark is Discogs, where I’m spending a lot of (too much?) time.

FIVE people you are influenced by…

It’s a tough one, since I’m inspired by people everyday. But here are some of those who built my musical background:

My dad: His mad love for music is something that had a huge impact on me. Music was and still is playing everywhere in my parent’s home. He showed me how diverse the musical universe was.

Ivan Smagghe: Ivan had a huge impact on my musical tastes when I was 14-15 years old. Listening to his sets, to his Kill The DJ label gave me the passion for a darker sound. But most importantly: his dj sets taught me how to avoid the obvious while djing, to build my own universe. What a pleasure it was to see him play my own music a few years later!

Jennifer Cardini: I chose Jennifer for different reasons: 1. Her mixed compilation Lust (and « Feeling Strange » too, actually! ) had an enormous impact on me when I was a teenager. 2. She was one of the first to support my music by playing it but also by releasing it on Correspondant, her own label. She gave me confidence, she pushed me to go further in my productions. But the most important to say is that she’s such an amazing human being. Music is also about meeting people sharing the same passion and I’m happy I met her.

Thomas Sari: Thomas is the key person in my technical learning of music production. I met him when I was 18-19 years old. I spent days and days in his home studio, learning from him. We even released two EPs together under the moniker Polar (one was on Tim Paris « Marketing Music » label). He’s one of the kindest person I met in this « industry » — we could spend days chatting, playing music in his studio. He definitely helped me to go further technically.

Geert Sermon / Doctor Vinyl: Geert is running the brussels record store Doctor Vinyl (which I discovered thanks to someone I could have mentioned here too : Renaud Deru/Attari, he also played a major role in my early days). He and this store have played such an important role in my life: I released my first EP « Peru » on his label, I discovered 10000 of records there, I’ve had hours and hours of musical discussions with Geert (and learned a LOT from those). But this place is way more than this, it’s a meeting point. I met so many amazing people there, lots of them are my friends now.



SIX words to describe yourself…

1. Creativity
2. Dream 

3. Disorganization,
4. Music
5. Discretion
6. Love

SEVEN things you love in Brussels…

1. Brussels is small
2. Brussels is eclectic
3. Brussels is creative
4. Brussels is imperfect
5. Brussels is surrealistic
6. Brussels is multicultural
7. Brussels is welcoming

EIGHT o’clock in the morning, your day starts with…

A quick email check (I knoooow it’s bad) and a strong coffee.

NINE minute track (or more) that you wish it was even longer…

Oni Ayhun – OAR003-B.

This is a masterpiece of beauty.

TEN years later, how do you imagine yourself…

Happy & positive, I hope?


ELEVEN minutes to draw something for LAGASTA…

I’m so bad at drawing: this is the best I could do…

TWELVE minutes to save the world. What would you do if you were a superpower leader… 

Instant forgiveness, worldwide. More love, less conflicts. This should do the trick..

THIRTEEN-year-old Diego is dreaming of…

Having his own radio station and travelling the world playing music.

DC Salas’s second EP for Live At Robert Johnson indeed is a tale of beautiful feelings…

After last year’s sublime debut EP “The Complicated Art of Dreaming”, DC Salas has returned to Live At Robert Johnson with a fresh four-tracker titled “The Beautiful Feelings”, and it’s yet another proof to his creative continuity. As he says: “It’s an ode to those missing dance floors, to those special feelings we get in those essential, warm and sweaty places called: clubs.” The artwork by MON is based on an amazing picture taken by Jeremy Gerard at the beautiful C12, in Brussels. Stream the whole thing below.

Pick up your copy here.


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