Originally from Montreal but now living in Paris, the 22-year-old Mike Silver, aka CFCF, is one of our favorite producers. La.Ga.Sta. spoke with CFCF about music, movies and influences.

What made you decide to turn to music in the first place?

It just happened naturally from messing around, trying to emulate DJ Shadow and stuff. Gradually I started to concentrate on it more and more and learn more and more.

What’s the story behind your name?

It’s taken from a local TV station in Montreal.

Five words to describe CFCF…

Atmospheric, beat-driven electronic music.

What has influenced you most in the past years?

A lot of different things, I think. I’d say Popol Vuh, Peter Gabriel, Kate Bush, and current trends in UK dance music.

You often draw inspiration from movies. If your debut album “Continent” was a movie which one would it be?

That’s a tough one. The album is pretty varied in style, so I think it would have to be something kind of colorful, eclectic. I’m thinking of a mix between Michael Mann’s “Heat” and Wong Kar-Wai’s “2046”.

Tell us 3 of your favorite movies…

I couldn’t even begin to choose 3 favorites… But some that always come up are Terrence Malick’s “Badlands”, Les Blank’s “Burden of Dreams”, and Michael Mann’s “Manhunter”. But there are so many others. “Barry Lyndon” is another one that I totally adore.

What makes you feel bored?

Sitting around my house, restless and waiting for something to happen. Like waiting for a phone call, or waiting for my album to be finished. I am impatient sometimes.

What turns you on?

Fantastic music which I’ve never heard before, that’s strange and interesting.

Which is your favorite destination?

I’m living in Paris now which I love. I have to admit though when travelling after a while my absolute favorite place to go is home to Montreal. It kind of refills my energy.

What three things do you always travel with?

My laptop obviously, because I work on the go quite a lot. My iPod, for obvious reasons. And when I came to Paris the only instrument I brought with me: a panflute!

What’s your plans for 2011?

I have a few different releases to come, in different styles. To do more shows in Europe, and to come back to North America and do some shows in the US and finish my LP and just enjoy myself.

How can we expect your next album will sound like?

I think it will be a natural progression but a step up from the things I’ve already released. There will be a lot of vocals. It’s going to be kind of like Peter Gabriel.

What is your “Big Love”?

Big question! I guess just the process of seeking out inspiration. Looking for it everywhere and trying to feel inspired, whether by music, film, art, nature, people, whatever. That’s the best thing.


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