House of Numbers: ROTCIV


Originally hailing from Sao Paulo, and now based in Berlin, ROTCIV is a versatile DJ and producer of all things disco, house and wave. With a string of solid EPs and remixes on labels such as Luv Shack Records, Freeride Millenium, Funnuvojere Records and Ostgut Ton, amongst others, the prolific producer continues to amaze us with every release. Now, Victor Rotciv makes a pit stop at LAGASTA and enters its new “House of Numbers” series of mini-interviews, counting down all the things he loves. OK, let’s go! 

ONE song you were whistling lately…

Jermaine’s “Tell Me I’m Not Dreamin’ (Too Good To Be True)”, featuring Michael Jackson. Unknown to most people but one of my all time faves.

TWO guilty pleasures…

1. Early ’90s euro-dance! (specially 1990 – 1993)
2. Smoking :/

THREE things you see from your window…

snow falling
snow on the floor…

FOUR tracks you can’t wait to play when the clubs re-open…

There were so many this last year, but I am gonna say all my recently released tracks and remixes, although I don’t play my own stuff that much in the clubs. It’s weird to produce club music and not be able to play them when they finally come out.

FIVE lessons that life has taught you…

1. Being on time means actually to arrive a bit earlier.
2. Things and people do change!
3. The less you judge people the happier you will be.
4. Success doesn’t mean the same to everyone.
5. Schools do not prepare you for life the way they should

SIX reasons to be grateful for…

1. To be alive
2. The fact that my family, my friends and I am healthy right now during a pandemic.
3. The opportunity to DJ for over 25 years doing what I love and the way I want.
4. Establish myself in Berlin and still be able to visit my home in Brazil for the summer.
5. Releasing my tracks in labels that I have always admired and have the support and validation from people that I always respected.
6. To have kept my part-time job all those years, so now I am not completely desperate without gigs.

SEVEN things you love in your city…

1. The clubs in Berlin when they were open of course
2. The parks
3. The nature
4. The amazing people.
5. The international environment with mixed cultures
6. The artists that I’ve met here
7. The lifestyle and conditions

EIGHT things you love from the ’80s…

1. Electronic disco (I am not into ’70s disco for the most part)
2. Italo
3. Synth-pop
4. R&B
5. House and dance music in general
6. Michael Jackson
7. Madonna
8. I love Memphis art, deco and aesthetic

NINE minute track (or even more) that you wish it was even longer…

Blue Night’s “Turn me loose”. It could last forever…

TEN years later, how do you imagine yourself…

On my 50s and still doing my music and my mixes because I love to.

ELEVEN minutes to draw something for LAGASTA…

TWELVE inches version of a track you adore…

Gino Soccio’s “Turn it Around (12″ Vocal)”.  Amazing vocals, melody and beats on this one, deep and sentimental

THIRTEEN-year-old Victor is dreaming to be…

13-year-old me was already going to dance clubs and standing there in front of the DJ booth, getting amazed by the DJs work, doing my own mix cassette tapes and dreaming to become a DJ, which happened only 3 years later.

Head over to ROTCIV’s Soundcloud for more goodness, and just in case you missed it, grab a free download of his great track “Steamy” as part of LAGASTA’s “Late Summer” compilation Vol.9 here.


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