House of Numbers: Bráulio Amado

Bráulio Amado

We’re big fans of Portuguese NYC-based graphic designer and illustrator Bráulio Amado. Known for his vibrant yet kinetic works of art, Bráulio Amado continues to impress us with his posters, record covers, editorial illustrations, videos, and other great stuff. His work has appeared in the New York Times, Businessweek, WIRED, and more, and he’s collaborated with artists including Beck, Frank Ocean, Róisín Murphy, and Robyn. He also co-runs the NYC multi-purpose art space Sixth Street Haunted House (SSHH). Our beloved Braulio Amado was kind enough to design an ace artwork for LAGASTA’s “10 years compilation” and a limited edition LAGASTA T-Shirt.

Now Bráulio Amado makes a pit stop at LAGASTA and enters its series of mini-interviews “House of Numbers”, counting down all his favourite things. Let’s go! 

ONE song you were whistling lately…

Lee Paradise – Positive Manifestations

TWO colours you use the most on your designs…

1. Grey
2. Orange

THREE words you use the most everyday…

1. Sorry
2. Ughhh
3. ?!?!??!

FOUR places you want to visit again…

1. Bangkok
2. Tokyo
3. Rome
4.  Hell

FIVE  things that make you furious…

1. Humanity
2. USA Politics
3. Carbs
4. Caffeine
5. Mustard

SIX words to describe yourself…

1. Portuguese
2. Carpal Tunnel

3. Zyrtec
4. Flonase
5. Claritin
6. Gay


SEVEN things you love in New York…

1. Mexican food
2. Korean food
3. Italian food
4. Japanese food
5. Indian food
6. Malaysian food
7. Vietnamese food

EIGHT o’clock in the morning, your day starts with…


NINE minute track (or more) that you wish it was even longer…

Television’s “Marquee Moon” always a classic! Could be 90 minutes and I would be ok with it.


TEN years later, how do you imagine yourself…

With 10 dogs.


ELEVEN minutes to draw something for LAGASTA…

TWELVE minutes to save the world…

I would pick time stretching as my superpower and then have more time to figure out what to do…

THIRTEEN-year-old Braulio is…

Wet dreaming of Bruce Willis but not sure why yet…

Bráulio Amado just released his new book “2020”, a sublime collection of drawings, experiments and illustrations from 2020. A must-have! 

“This book is a bit different than the others because… well, it was 2020. It felt a bit weird to publish something with commercial work in it while so many people I know lost their jobs and/or struggled during the pandemic. That being said, this book is a collection of drawings, tests, experiments, things that got killed because of covid-19, and stuff I worked on for fun while bored at home. A couple of pages feature commercial work I did for magazines/newspapers just because I wanted to translate what sort of year 2020 was, but that’s pretty much it.”

Get your copy of the book “2020” through Stolen Books (Europe) or SSHH (USA).


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