Suzanne Kraft: “On Our Hands” Video

Suzanne Kraft: “On Our Hands” Video

A brilliantly shot video set inside a spaceship.

Directed by Brooklyn-based director, editor and Ophelia founder Elliot Barbernell.

LA-via-Amsterdam producer Diego Herrera, aka Suzanne Kraft, has shared a video for his superb track “On Our Hands”, the lead single off his upcoming new album “About You” of hazy-haloed pop songs, set to drop on June 11th via Melody As Truth. The brilliantly shot video was produced by the talented team at  Ophelia.

Speaking about the video, director Elliot Barbernell says: “Our video is set inside a spaceship, where two aliens embrace each other as they hurtle through the universe. Inside the vessel is an array of sexy, shiny objects— a half-eaten apple, erotic furniture, and a heart-shaped toilet built for two.⁣⁣
Diego wrote the song about rekindling an old flame during Covid, and the lyrics inspired each of us to reflect on our relationships during the pandemic.⁣⁣
In many ways, we found ourselves clinging desperately to one another as our spaceship (Earth) careened towards disaster. ⁣⁣Would this time draw us closer together or push us further apart?”

You can pre-order Suzanne Kraft’s new album “About You” here.


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