Feater: “Money”

Feater: “Money”

Impossible to resist. 

Feater is helmed by Daniel Meuzard. Hailing from Vienna and having made a name for himself as a trustworthy and skilled studio equipment dealer and working closely with producer and studio engineer Sam Irl, the man has a knack for turning yesterday into today.

After releasing “Waste The Time” (2016) and “Socialo Blanco” (2019), the new album “Money” completes Daniel Meuzard’s Feater triptych. Again joined by the likes of Eric Owusu and Sam Irl and their musical as well as technical skills, as well as by the lovely voice of Vilja Larjosto, the ageless beauty and intellectual brilliance of “Money” is impossible to resist. It’s a great ride from start to finish.

It could have been imagined, written and recorded almost anytime in the last 50 years. Inspired or – better put – troubled by the rise and transformation of capitalist systems, fatalism, extravism, climate change and – surprise – the power, corruption and lies revolving around money, its topic is anything, but bubblegum. The music is ranging from powerful songs to clever synth experiments. Get your fill of the record’s title track that has been on repeat on our car stereo for a while now.

The “Money” LP is out now on Running Back. Get it here.


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