Fabrizio Mammarella: “Remixologia”

Fabrizio Mammarella: “Remixologia”

Italian producer and DJ Fabrizio Mammarella has made dozen of remixes over the last decade, and it was just a matter of time to collect them in a single compilation. So, here is “Remixologia”, a great 13-track compilation of his most known reworks together with the ones that remained under the radar, and inside the USB sticks of the best diggers. The collection features quality remixes of Lauer’s “Mausback”, Front De Cadeaux’s “Something Wrong”, Jennifer Touch’s “DDD-1”, Mutado Pintado’s “Lazy Boy”, Mugwump’s “Voetbalknieen”, amongst others. Go dig in! The “Remixologia” compilation is out now via Fabrizio Mammarella’s own label Slow Motion.

Get yourself a copy here.


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