Exclusive | Photonz: “No Escape”


Photonz: “No Escape”

An exclusive new track as part of LAGASTA’s fundraising compilation “With Love”.

Artwork: Love Lines

LAGASTA is celebrating and supporting PRIDE this year with a dance packed fundraising compilation entitled “LAGASTA…With Love”.

In a time where there is so much struggle in the world and so few disco balls we hope this release shines love and light back into the lives of anyone needing it. We welcome you to enjoy this delicious blend of dance music as we support Athens LGBTQ Youth Community and Emantes International Lgbtqia & Solidarity.

With 17 sizzling tracks to celebrate summer, this diverse soundtrack of radiant vibrations is here to kick off the season with a bang. The release features exclusive tracks from artists such as Zillas on acid, Baronhawk Poitier, Tony Y Not, Boys’ Shorts, Mala Ika, Rotciv, Joyce Muniz, Hard Ton, Perdu, Alinka, Das Komplex, and Justin Cudmore.

Today we share with all of you yet another new track from the “LAGASTA…With Love” compilation, an exclusive tune called “No Escape” from Photonz, the main musical alias of Marco Rodrigues, a Portuguese DJ and producer that in recent years became a driving force for Lisbon’s much talked about underground scene.

Photonz’s track “No Escape” sets up a dreamy atmospheric intro with beautiful notes that spin around the soundscapes. What comes next is a punchy electro wave of syncopated drum stabs and instrumentation in a high energy construction that is undeniably addictive. Blast it below.

Big love to all the artists and labels that helped bring this collection together. It fills our hearts to support those in need. And we hope you feel that same love as you turn up the volume and get ready for the heat! Special thanks to Sam at the WALL Studio for supporting the cause by providing his ever excellent mastering service.

The “LAGASTA…With Love” compilation will drop on June 16th via LAGASTA Records.

Pre-order it here.


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