Eris Drew: “Fluids Of Emotion” EP

Eris Drew: “Fluids Of Emotion” EP

The reason we’ve been listening to Eris Drew debut solo EP “Fluids Of Emotion” continually is not because we were trying to decide which one of its three tracks is our favorite. It’s simply because since we first laid our ears upon it, we adored all the tracks.

“Fluids Of Emotion” is by far and with no sign of exaggeration one of the best records for 2020 so far. And to be honest we deeply believe that it’ll be on the top through the whole musical year. This is Drew’s first solo EP delivering mesmerizing and vibrant sounds that come straight from the heart and speak directly to your soul. Built on rugged breakbeats and warm proto-rave samples, the record is a testament to Drew’s ability to combine dancefloor-ready tracks with a format steeped in personal history.

Below, you can listen to the amazing titular track “Fluids Of Emotion”, which builds slowly adding layers of cosmic melodies and wavering synth lines as the rhythm shuffles. It’s the spaciest tune of the EP underpinned by hip-house style breakbeat, sctrathes, psychedelic spoken-word vocals and a deep, fat bassline that has its own identity. It’s a warm, “fluid” and emotion-blooming track. Dear riders, enjoy this special ride.

Eris Drew’s “Fluids Of Emotion” EP is out now via Interdimensional Transmissions.

Get it here.


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