Eli Escobar: “Lullabies For A Sleeping City” LP

Eli Escobar: “Lullabies For A Sleeping City” LP

A love letter to NYC and its people. 

“It’s about New York City right now. It’s about New York City 40 years ago.”

During the pandemic lockdown, New York house and disco maestro Eli Escobar, a familiar face on the city’s scene for over two decades, experienced an unusual burst of creativity. With New York City looking more like a ghost town than a bustling metropolis with empty streets and all clubs closed, Eli Escobar put all his energy into making a ton of new tracks that meant to serve as a soundtrack to the city that used to never sleep. Most of them ended up into different projects, sounding a bit different from his usual outputs.

For the first release of the year, Eli Escobar recently dropped yet another album called “Lullabies For A Sleeping City” via his own Bandcamp page. It’s a sort of sequel to his previous LP “There Are Ghosts Everywhere In New York City”, released back in November. “This new album is about New York City right now. It’s about New York City 40 years ago. It’s where my head is at in this moment as there are no dance floors anywhere to inspire me to do my usual,” he says.

Across its concise eleven tracks and 22 minutes, Eli Escobar creates a sonic document that perfectly captures the vibe of his creative home. Filled with downtempo beats, smooth tones and striking vocal samples, these warn and soulful “lullabies” is a sublime piece of work. Stream the whole thing below.

The “Lullabies For A Sleeping City” LP is out now.

Get it here.


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