Alexander Arpeggio & OhLandy: “Der Anruf”

Alexander Arpeggio & OhLandy: “Der Anruf”

As part of Berlin’s club Sameheads new compilation “Vax!”. 

Sameheads’ new compilation “Vax!” drops in April.

Berlin-based club Sameheads is gearing up for the release of its new compilation, entitled “Vax!”, a six-track collection which marks the fourth instalment of their ongoing compilation series. It features tracks by the likes of Deti Vechnosti, Alexander Arpeggio & OhLandy, Rouge Mécanique, Automattenfall, Das Kinn, and Alessandro Adriani. As Sameheads put it: “Reminiscent of all the slippery vinyl that glitched under so many sweaty wet fingers in a steamy basement before time – a picture that seems highly illegal in our current antiseptic climate of hopefully germ free adolescents. Vax-inate!”

One of our favourite cuts from the “Vax!” is the German version of “Der Anruf”, a stellar collaborative tune between Berlin-based DJ, producer and Mond Music founder Alexander Arpeggio and OhLandy, member of Paris’ Bruits De La Passion gang. Originally appeared as a French language version on Sameheads’ previous “Diapason” compilation Vol. 1, “Der Anruf” tells those tales of hot and hotter heat. Karmic payback for the sweaty and long nights enveloped in the halo of resonating frequencies of silly and high-spirited mischief. Blast it below.

VA – “Vax!” compilation #4 arrives on April 2nd.

Pre-order it here.


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