DMX Krew: “Unconnected”

DMX Krew: “Unconnected”

It’s the first taste off his upcoming fourth album for Hypercolour. 

DMX Krew kicks off 2021 with a new album for Hypercolour.

British electronic stalwart DMX Krew, the self-styled “house husband, record producer”, continues his effortless stretch of releases that date back to the early 90s, with a new album for Hypercolour. Entitled “Loose Gears”, the new 11-track record marks his fourth album for the acclaimed UK house label.

DMX Krew’s deft melodies and mechanical, electro-tinged beats have made for some classic albums in his repertoire, from his incredible run of albums for Rephlex Records, up to 2020’s “Ghost Bubbles” long player for Terrestrial Funk. Armed with an arsenal of hardware, and a head full of futuristic visions, “Loose Gears” collects eleven tracks of the customary quality we have come to expect from DMX Krew.

From the funk-laden “Solar Transit’ to bleepy chugger “Dejected Ambient Twerp”, the vibrant synths and spongy rhythms of “Torpedo Tube” to the beatless wiggle of “Xpansion 2”, there’s much in store to be savoured on “Loose Gears”, as DMX Krew serves up another fine selection of electronic goodies. Get your fill of the record’s opener “Unconnected” below.

The “Loose Gears” LP arrives on February 26th via Hypercolour.

Pre-order it here.


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