Harvey Sutherland and Bermuda: “Priestess”

Harvey Sutherland and Bermuda: “Priestess”

Melbourne analog synthesist and disco minimalist Mike Katz, aka Harvey Sutherland, has returned with his sublime new “Priestess/Bravado” EP, which marks the first release for his new label, Clarity Recordings. The record features his live three-piece band Bermuda at full tilt, with an ensemble of hand clapping friends.

Self-described “lounge room disco burners”, the record summons the groove experiments of Patrick Adams, Bill Laswell and Arthur Russell, while retaining Harvey’s soulful tones and club-ready arrangements. The record’s a-side cut “Priestess” evolves slowly, a nine-minute mind dance that ultimately reaches a celestial state. It’s one of our favorite tunes we’ve heard in a while.

The “Priestess/Bravado” EP is out now in both vinyl and digital formats. Buy it here.


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