Dinky: “I Am Away”

Dinky: “I Am Away”

Chilean electronic musician, singer and multi-instrumentalist Alejandra Iglesias, aka Dinky, who’s currently based in Barcelona, is back with her superb new EP “I Am Away”, a return to her roots, which marks her first record in four years. For the release, Dinky has teamed up with Gerd Janson’s Running Back in order to restart her Horizontal label in 2020.

Dinky has been one of the leading women at forefront of electronic music for the last 20 years. Since her debut album of Traum Records she was part of the first wave of Chilean electronic musicians to make an impact on the global scene. On her “I Am Away” EP, the infamous producer delivers three tracks that revolve around Dinky’s pure musical dogma, arpeggiated basses bounce with the beautiful and contorted voices that play within this psychedelic party. Bathing in blue skies and a deep warm acid glow, this perfectly crafted record will capture your senses. Get your fill of the EPs title track above, and drive away. The “I Am Away” EP is out now via Horizontal.

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