Daniel Avery: “Petrol Blue” & “Into The Voice Of Stillness”

Daniel Avery: “Petrol Blue” & “Into The Voice Of Stillness”

Listen to Daniel Avery’s two new tracks.

Daniel Avery has returned with his new single “Into The Arms Of Stillness”, a track taken from his surprise third full-length album “Love + Light”, which was released earlier this year via Phantasy. The single comes backed with two new tracks “Petrol Blue” and “Into The Voice Of Stillness”, which mark the producer’s first pieces of original material since the release of “Lone Swordsman”, a tribute to Andrew Weatherall, back in September.

In his own words: “I wanted to make something that would sit next to ‘Lone Swordsman’ in the world of ‘Love + Light’. Petrol Blue was written in a studio at the very edge of the country. The views across the water without a single sight on the horizon always create a certain atmosphere in my mind, some kind of unknowing warmth. Real life seems pretty distant in those moments. The track came about quickly, in the space of a few hours, and filled the room immediately. It’s named after my own little space down by the water that continues to be its own escape and a constant source of creativity. I owe my life to that metal box right now. Also included here is an alternative version of ‘Into The Arms Of Stillness’, the voice recounting the joy of when that first strobe light enters your soul in the night. We’ll be back to that place before we know it.”

Get your fill of these two new tracks below.

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