Chord Memory Band: “Third Eye”

Chord Memory Band: “Third Eye”

Say hello to Chord Memory Band, a collaborative project between BONN Co-founder and member of Brisbane’s disco-pop band Mitzi Dom Bird and fellow Aussie Michael Medlycott (of Vulture St. Tape Gang).

At the end of 2016, Michael and Dom caught wind of a cave, nestled beneath a sacred mountain, deep in the Australian outback. Guided by whispers and caught up in the mystic mystery of it all, the duo set off with a dusty four-track tape recorder in an attempt to capture these mythical cave vibes and place them on a record.

Michael and Dom surfaced several months later, with four recordings and no memory of what had occurred. These recordings became their debut “Third Eye” EP, a synth odyssey from start to finish. Stream the EPs superb title track above, and ride with us.

The four-track “Third Eye” EP drops on February 24th via Beats Of No Nation, a newly minted label run by Dom Bird, Jad Lee, and Sean Bate.

Pre-order it here.


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