Bottin: “YAML” (feat. Lavinia Claws)

Bottin: “YAML” (feat. Lavinia Claws)

It’s always a good day when a new track from Italian disco maestro Bottin comes our way. Feast your ears on his killer new single “YAML” (stands for “You Are My love”), a track he describe as a “kinky disco pop song”. This time he has enlisted the vocal talents of his Bowie-obsessed friend Lavinia Claws, who previously sang on his track “Lies” from 2014’s LP “Punica Fides”. We’d expect nothing less from Bottin. Get your fill of the six-minute extended version of “YAML” below. It’s straight-up fire!

Bottin’s new “Y-A-M-L” b/w “Roulez Jeunesse” 12” is out now via 2MR. Get it here.


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