Bastedos: “Sit On This”

Bastedos: “Sit On This”

LAGASTA’s ongoing “An Edit To Remember” series continues with a signature weirdo disco not disco (but disco) cut-up cut from the Bastedos camp. Originally released on 12” back in 2019, “Sit On This” is a solid edit by veteran Bristol-based DJ and producer Felix Dickinson under his Bastedos alias.

Clocking in at seven minutes, the much loved “Sit On This” is a rolling, chugging, clapping, marimba-ing disco workout which pulls you along through a peaky peak time vocal, a sexed up guitar break, and some chopped-up chanting, all the way to its inevitable hands-in-the-air piano finale.

What a ride!

Pick up your 12” here.


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