Ara Macao: “Reflection”

Ara Macao: “Reflection”

NG Records’ second volume in a series of “Napoli Segreta” compilations of the rarest and invisible compositions of the 70’s and 80’s Neapolitan disco and funk scene has been on repeat on our car stereo for a while now. After Nu Guinea’s LP “Nuova Napoli” and “Napoli Segreta” first excellent compilation, released two years go, NG Records continues this musical journey with the recently released “Napoli Segreta Vol.2”, an exploration into the unknown groovy side of Naples.

Famiglia Discocristiana, DNApoli and Nu Guinea have teamed up once again selecting more tracks from their archives for “Napoli Segreta Vol.2”. The new compilation contains nine mysterious Neapolitan tracks, found in the most hidden corners of remote flea markets around the Vesuvius. A variety of genres merging soul, disco, funk, blues, new wave, afro-beat and boogie, including lyrics in Neapolitan urban slang, instrumental tracks, and also some unexpected cover versions of famous songs.

Forget about what you expect to find once you land in town and feast your ears on Ara Macao’s funky groover “Reflection”, one of the “Napoli Segreta Vol​.​2” compilation many highlights.

The “Napoli Segreta Vol​.​2” compilation is out now via NG Records. Buy it here.


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