Wolfram: “My Love Is For Real (feat. Haddaway)” [Larse Remix]

Wolfram: “My Love Is For Real (feat. Haddaway)” [Larse Remix]

Viennese producer Wolfram makes a welcome return with his new “Amadeus” LP, a nine-track record featuring collaborations with the likes of Peaches, Haddaway, Egyptian Lover, Yung Hurn, and more. Before it drops on September 13th, we’e treated to a four-track remix EP of the record’s lead single “My Love Is For Real”, featuring Haddaway. Here, we have for you a great remix of “My Love Is For Real” from the prolific producer Larse, who turns the track into a proper late-night house heater.

“My Love Is For Real” EP, which also features remixes from Lipelis, and Moscoman, drops on August 2, a co-release between DFA Records, Public Possession/ Live From Earth Klub.


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