Tycho: “Horizon (Poolside Remix)”

Tycho: “Horizon (Poolside Remix)”

Tycho’s track “Horizon”, a highlight from 2016 LP “Epoch”, points towards an entirely new skyline here under the guidance of Poolside. They flip the original from an introspective instrumental into a cosmic boogie, complete with handclaps and a choral refrain.

“I was looking for a counterpoint in production for the remix. Poolside gave it a much sunnier vibe,” says Scott Hansen of Tycho. Poolside adds, “It’s tricky to approach a Tycho remix because there are no vocals. By definition, a remix would typically strip away the textures and layers, which are the signatures of Tycho, and use the vocals. We kept the original melody as the fingerprints and added classic Poolside synths and percussion.”

Get it here.


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