Turbotito: “DIAMONDLOVE NO.1” (feat. Baby Alpaca) Video

Turbotito: “DIAMONDLOVE NO.1” (feat. Baby Alpaca) Video

Directed by Filip Nikolic and Chris Kittrell.

LA-based producer Filip Nikolic, aka Turbotito, has shared a new video for his latest single “DIAMONDLOVE NO.1”, which finds him teaming up once again with vocalist Baby Alpaca.

The track is taken from Turbotito’s “Unterirdische Komödie”, a soundtrack composed and produced for “A play for 33 puppets”, which was directed by Nis Sogaard and Franz Zauleck at the Koblenz Theater in Klobenz, Germany. The 9-track soundtrack is out now through Bordel Records.

Buy it here.


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