The KDMS: “Terminal One” Video

The KDMS: “Terminal One” Video

Filmed and directed by Yulka Wilam.
Edit and post-production by Kuba Tomaszewicz.

It’s been a long time coming, but The KDMS, the duo of London singer/songwriter Kathy Diamond and Silesian producer Max Skiba, will finally drop their sophomore album, “The New Old Normal”, on December 9th via U Know Me/King Of Kong Records. Combining disco-influenced grooves with addictive pop melodies, the new record is a fine collection of club anthems and torch tracks, which follows their 2012 debut LP “Kinky Dramas & Magic Stories” on Gomma Records. Here’s the video for the record’s first single “Terminal One”.

Pre-order the “The New Old Normal” LP here.


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