Palmbomen II: “Memories Of Cindy Pt. 3” Video

Palmbomen II: “Memories Of Cindy Pt. 3” Video

Directed by Kai Hugo.

Kai Hugo, the artist behind Palmbomen II, has shared the third video in the “Memories of Cindy” series on Beats In Space. Cindy is the eulogized muse behind Palmbomen II’s newest collection of limitless dance music. Released throughout 2017 as a four part 12” EP series, Cindy appeared on the Memories of Cindy Pt. 1 – 4 artwork, and anecdotally in a cable access talk show featuring Kai Hugo and his imagination on display via surreal visuals, late night infomercials, and a cerebral house music score.

Kai Hugo’s visual practice provides a separate view of the Palmbomen II venture: a surreal, neo-noir(ish) California dislocated by the no-frills aesthetic of its music, and the tragicomedy of its imagined characters. “I started making the Memories of Cindy video series as a research project on some of the places and characters from my previous videos. I wanted to figure out what the town called Carmel Vista looked like—where Cindy Savalas and the other characters live,” says Hugo.

Palmbomen II’s “Memories of Cindy” arrives on January 26 via Beats In Space.

Pre-order it here.


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