Szaio: “W Naszym Domu” Video

Szaio: “W Naszym Domu” Video

The lead single off Szaio’s debut EP for Bordello A Parigi. 

Directed by John O’Regan.

Toronto-based Polish Canadian production designer-turned-musician Zosia Mackenzie, aka Szaio, is getting ready to drop her debut EP titled “Obraz” (Portrait) for Amsterdam’s Bordello A Parigi, a six-tracker that showcases a new and distinctive chapter in both Polish and Canadian electronic music. Before it drops, we’re treated to a suitable black-and-white video for one of the record’s standout cuts, “W Naszym Domu”.

Her debut offering initially began as a series of GarageBand sketches created over a month in the attic of her grandmother’s home in Warsaw. Upon returning to Toronto, Mackenzie and her partner John O’Regan went to work in their home studio, swapping sounds and sequences with their Roland TR-909 and Juno 106, Sequential Circuits Prophet 600, and Soviet-era Formanta Polivoks. Friends, neighbours, and dub techno pioneers Mark and Matt Thibideau provided additional ear candy, layers of vintage rack effects, and full frequency analog mixdowns for each of the record’s six songs at Repair-Lab Studio. 

The “Obraz” EP arrives on May 14th via Bordello A Parigi as well as Mackenzie and O’Regan’s own Joint Account imprint in North America.

Pre-order it here.


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