Superpoze: “Parabel” Video

Superpoze: “Parabel” Video

Created by Marc de Pierrefeu.

After composing for cinema, theater, multi-platinum French rap singles and French Chanson albums, French musician Superpoze returns with his first solo release since his debut album “Opening” (2015) and its follow-up “For We the Living” (2017). The seven-plus minute track “Parabel”, the first single off his upcoming new album, is an instrumental piece where the producer’s greatest musical passions come together: the romanticism of piano, the emotion of a movie soundtrack, the repetitive patterns and progressive structures of electronic music.

The single comes backed with a beautiful video by Marc de Pierrefeu who is known for his animated collages using cinematographic works as well as his own images. Based on research and free associations, he pursues his search for resonance, where video meets music and poetry.

In his own words: “I am fascinated by the work of Marc de Pierrefeu. His iconographic associations always carry with them a lot of poetry. My music is sometimes called cinematic and I’m always afraid to put images on top of the imaginary ones that the music sends us. By associating all these moments of cinema, he paradoxically frees the music from its “cinematographic” aspect and reverses the relationship: it is the cinema that becomes musical.”

The single “Parabel” is out now.

Pick up your copy here.


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