Shubostar: “Spiegel” (feat. Justine Forever) Video

Shubostar: “Spiegel” (feat. Justine Forever) Video

Hailing from South Korea, the prolific DJ and producer Shubostar, who also runs the label uju records, has been immersing herself in the ever-evolving underground scene of South Korea and Thailand and now in Mexico. Her eclectic music taste spans various styles from disco to techno but her music has a common theme of “Cosmic”, Dark Disco perhaps? Leaving the labeling to journalists and record stores, Shubostar continues her fine form of run with his debut four-track EP titled “Spiegel” for Internasjonal. The record’s title track, featuring Justine Forever, arrives with a video that fits perfectly with this finely crafted tune. Fresh fodder for dancing feet.

The “Spiegel” EP is out now via Internasjonal.

Pick up your copy here.


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