Baronhawk Poitier: “Temperado Tornado” Video

Baronhawk Poitier: “Temperado Tornado” Video


Some crazy dance move from Baronhawk Poitier himself.

Directed by Aron Kantor.

Washington D.C. producer, DJ and dancer Baronhawk Poitier dropped today his superb new EP, entitled “Temperado Tornado”, on Honey Soundsystem Records. Consisting of four tracks, “Temperado Tornado” is a rollercoaster of all the musical facets of this young sensei, including some hook laden southern-fried-disco, a Bristolean-favela dub, a jettison lever synth tech-thumper, and even a little vocal hello on the low tempo pad-meets-acid funk of “Lowside Heights”.

The record’s infectious title track, a high energy, dancefloor-focused jam inspired by anime soundtracks, comes with a cool video. Filmed at the 2019 Honcho Campout, the video features Baronhawk Poitier himself, showcasing some crazy dance moves.

The “Temperado Tornado” EP is out now via Honey Soundsystem. Pick up your copy here.


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