Seb Wildblood: “Hazy House”

Seb Wildblood: “Hazy House”

Seb Wildblood, an incredibly prolific producer, DJ, and head of South London’s labels Church, All My Thoughts, and Coastal Haze, is back with his first release of 2020 after last year’s gorgeous debut LP “Sketches Of Transition”. His new EP, a two-tracker called “Hazy House”, marks the producer’s return to a more dancefloor-focused sound. Here, we have the record’s A-side cut, “Hazy House Vol. 1”, a buoyant and lush tune, with a warm synth bed hovering on top of its bouncy beat before a soft, chiming arpeggio motif floats into the mix, tying everything together in a silky deep house bow. The “Hazy House” EP is out now via All My Thoughts.

Pick up your copy here.


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