Róisín Murphy: “Murphy’s Law”

Róisín Murphy: “Murphy’s Law”

Irish dance-pop queen Róisín Murphy makes a welcome return with her stellar new single “Murphy’s Law”, which was produced once again by long time collaborator Richard Barratt, aka DJ Parrot. The pair continue to showcase their Midas touch, following 2019’s much-loved “Incapable” and the string-drenched strut of “Narcissus”. Clocking in at eight minutes, “Murphy’s Law” has a kind of easy-listening disco energy and showcases classic song craft – weirdly for Róisín, there’s nothing weird about it!

In her own words: “‘Murphy’s Law’ is our crack at a straight up, straightforward, no-frills, disco standard. Oh and it’s the story of my life. It’s about the nature of the past, it’s often a difficult thing to outrun but it can also be quite comforting… When is it valuable heritage, and when is it something that’s holding you back? Time and time again I return to Sheffield and my friends there. I go when I need to reconnect to a scene and to music that’s about something! And to feel the belonging.”

The single “Murphy’s Law” is out now. Get it here.


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