Premiere | Ben Browning: “We Can Build This City” (Falcon Punch Remix)


Ben Browning:”We Can Build This City” (Falcon Punch Remix)

Riders! This is 2019’s first premiere and we’re so excited about it! Our beloved Australian songwriter/producer Ben Browning, best known as the bassist fo relectro-pop outfit Cut Copy, dropped his sophomore LP “Even Though” last summer. The self-produced 12-track record, which follows his superb 2015 debut LP “Turns”, continues Ben Browning’s reign as purveyor of ’70s-era dream pop anthems. Speaking of the album, Cut Copy’s band member says: “After listening to this record I hope people feel like they’ve gone on a smooth psychedelic journey through a colorful musical world.”

>Here, we have for you Colorado’s favorite Falcon Punch’s great remix of “We Can Built This City”, one of the standout tracks from the album. On his remix, Falcon Punch drives the track into a groovy tropical disco bliss, offering to the funky slap bass line, alongside with a burst of bright guitar riffs, a distinguishing, and captivating at the same time, role. With a strong beat and shimmering electronics synths sparkling all over, this track is refreshing and breezy. Carried away by the ethereal vocals as you try to find your love, “You Can Build The City on your own”. Play it loud, exclusively on LaGaSta.

Ben Browning’s album “Even Though” is out now via Yellow Year Records.

Get it here.


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