Sophia Kennedy: “Orange Tic Tac” Video

Sophia Kennedy: “Orange Tic Tac” Video


You’re in for a full ride of pure madness.

Concept and idea by Sophia Kennedy.
Video by Tom Otte.

Baltimore-born, Hamburg-based, composer and singer Sophia Kennedy has returned with her new single “Orange Tic Tac”, which marks the first offering since the release of her self-titled debut album on DJ Koze’s Pampa label in 2017. The track introduces not one, but two sides of Sophia Kennedy when a ghostly elegant crooner clashes with the reality of an overheated, menacing feeling of tension and confusion.

Speaking about the video, Sophia Kennedy says: “The video was made more or less spontaneously, because the film shooting was actually about something else. We did it in one take, maybe three times in a row. I hate things that take longer than 15 minutes. That’s why the simplicity of the idea suited me—to perform the song in this way I had thought up the night before and it seemed like a simple but good trick to present the song appropriately.”

The single “Orange Tic Tac” is out now via City Slang. Get it here.


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