Phenomenal Handclap Band: “Judge Not (Ray Mang Special Mix)”

Phenomenal Handclap Band: “Judge Not (Ray Mang Special Mix)”

Remixed to perfection. UK disco specialist Ray Mang works his magic once again, delivering some classy versions of NYC’s Phenomenal Handclap Band new single “Judge Not” on Berlin’s Toy Tonics. On his special remix of “Judge Not”, Ray Mang transforms the original track into an eight-minute house-heavy gospel disco ride of dazzling piano lines and infectious grooves. Blast it above. Phenomenal Handclap Band, led by producer Daniel Collás, are currently putting the finishing touches on a new album, set to drop early next year.

Ray Mang’s versions of “Judge Not” arrives on October 5th on Toy Tonics.

Get it here.


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