Panoram: “Beautiful Engines”

Panoram: “Beautiful Engines”

The first single from his debut album “Acrobatic Thoughts” for Running Back.

Panoram debuts on Gerd Janson’s Running Back with his “Acrobatic Thoughts” LP.

“Sybilline”, “unique“ and “peerless“. These are some of the adjectives that were used to describe “Everyone Is A Door”, Panoram’s first full-length, released in 2014 on Edinburgh’s Firecracker Recordings. Since then, the elusive producer, founded his own label Wandering Eye, produced automated piano music in Los Angeles, composed synth lines underwater for Amen Dunes Freedom and toured two years with the band as well being involved in their collaboration with Sleaford Mods Feel Nothing and their upcoming album on SubPop. But Panoram can also hold its own very well.

Panoram’s debut album “Acrobatic Thoughts” for Running Back’s “Incantations” series lets you hear and experience that after the first few bars already. The new 10-track record is surreal, abstract, puzzling and urgent, yet filled with beautiful, slow-moving melodies and emotional passages. Eccentric humor meets serious soundscapes, acrobatic thoughts evolve around abstract key notes, while an out-of-time and out-place atmosphere surrounds a microcosmos that seems to be otherworldly and very natural at the same time. Panoram manages to build a house that can be as much of a home for ambient record collectors as for futuristic pop fans and all the ones in-between those poles.

Take a smooth ride with the record’s first single “Beautiful Engines”.

The “Acrobatic Thoughts” LP arrives on January 14th via Running Back.

Pre-order it here.


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