Powder: “New Tribe” Video

“New Tribe” Video


A great animated video by AC-bu.

Tokyo-based producer and DJ Moko Shibata, aka Powder, has just shared a fantastic, imaginative video for “New Tribe”, taken from her forthcoming EP “Powder In Space” on Tim Sweeney’s Beats In Space, along with a mix of the same title. It marks the first in a new series exploring dance music’s form and informality from Beats In Space Records.

For the video, Powder worked with AC-bu, the animation studio of Tooru Adachi and Shunsuke Itakura, to create a biographical video of her evolution from 9 am-to-5 pm desk worker in Tokyo to 9 pm-to-5 am acclaimed DJ around the world. She has managed to balance an ordinary day job with her creative pursuit. Her sacred, nocturnal recording sessions invited Moko to reflect on music’s unique ability to “stop the clock” and “expand or shrink our sense of time.”

In “Powder In Space” EP, Powder presents two new songs that were created within a new schedule, with summers spent touring Europe and North America, welcoming the unique experiences offered by each location. “New Tribe” is one of her most celebratory offerings yet. The track is simply enchanting as is Powder’s music. Her trademarks are here: marching-band snares, breathy riffs, motivating chords, springy auxiliary percussion and bouncy rich melodies. A track that’s guaranteed to get bodies moving. “Gift”, on the other hand, is a subtler dreamy jam, shuffling and twinkling in perfect balance.

On the EP, these new originals sit alongside Daphne’s “When You Love Someone (Groove Instrumental),” a sultry, twirling vibraphone deep house number from 1993; and the first ever release of Samo DJ and Hidden Operator’s atmospheric scene setter, “Захват Сзади Rox.”. For the CD and digital mix release, these four originals weave within an impeccable mix of memories from Moko’s travels and experiences over the past years touring and sharing with new friends.

“Powder In Space” will be available on February 15, 2019 in mix CD and mixed / unmixed digital forms. Powder’s two original tracks, alongside Samo DJ and Daphne’s contributions to her mix, will be available in DJ-ready forms on 12″ vinyl. Pre-order it here.


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