Pale Blue: “Silver Tears”

Pale Blue: “Silver Tears”

Mike Simonetti and Elizabeth Wight return with one of their finest works to date. 

Following the release of their very personal “Breathe” EP, our beloved duo Pale Blue, the project of Mike Simonetti and Elizabeth Wight, have returned with a standalone single called “Silver Tears”, a  “song about 2020”. Written during the first quarter of the quarantine, “Silver Tears” is a deeply emotional ride that clocks in at almost 11 minutes. Centered around shimmering synth arpeggios, delicate piano chords and Elizabeth Wight’s powerful yet ethereal vocals, this dreamlike and darkly beautiful epic track is one of Pale Blue’s finest work to date.

Mike Simonetti writes: “The plan was to release our new record this year, but we decided to put that on hold until we can figure out this mess we are all in. Instead, I sent Liz an instrumental I wrote for a standalone single for a ‘song about 2020’. We finished the song, and a month later, my father died. So, I asked Liz to add more vocals and lyrics. Those final lyrics tied the song together. This is a long song, almost 11 minutes, but its been a long year. ‘Silver Tears’ is the culmination of 2020, just like ‘Breathe’ was the beginning. They are bookends. I am so over all of this negativity and death and sadness and anger. ‘Silver Tears’ closes the chapter. It’s time to move forward. I miss being in a club Djing, I miss seeing my friends and my family, I miss you.” 

The “Silver Tears” EP, which comes back with a fine remix by Monty Luke, is out now via 2MR. Get it here.


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