Onra: “Chinoiseries Pt. 3”

Onra: “Chinoiseries Pt. 3”

Parisian beatmaker Arnaud Bernard, aka Onra, is getting ready to drop the third and final installment of his sample-based “Chinoiseries” project of dusty Chinese and Vietnamese inspired hip-hop instrumentals. Set to drop on March 10th on All City Records, the “Chinoiseries Pt. 3” features 32 tracks made using the style of analogue MPC production.

In his own words: “I see the first Chinoiseries as a trip, inspired by my own first travel to Asia, each beat representing one particular moment of the journey, the second one, more like a soundtrack to a movie, each beat representing a different scene, and the third one, I tried to create a dark, smoky and mysterious cinematic atmosphere so you could create your own movie in your head.” You can stream two new tracks, “The Spirit Blossoms All Over The Land” and “Autumn Moon Shining Over The Calm Lake”.

Pre-order it here.


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