Octo Octa: “I Need You”

Octo Octa: “I Need You”

This is a nine-minute atmospheric ride. Imagine riding your car in a gloomy lightened urban landscape…and gradually colorful lights and illuminating sounds are popping up around, till you finally reach the doorstep of this amazing basement club, you get in and you start dancing among the others, losing yourself to the rhythm, to sublime spacey breakbeats, to this dazzling beat, and your body and mind is tripping through all these perfectly crafted sonic layers that beautifully emerge.

That’s the feeling when you listen to “I Need You” by the fabulous Octo Octa, aka Maya Bouldry-Morrison. Just as magnetic as Octo Octa’s smooth vocals. “I need you,” she says. “Thank you for being there, it means so much to me.” It’s taken from the recent three-track EP “For Lovers”, which is billed as Octo Octa’s most vulnerable work to date, building on her quest for cathartic “emotional content.”

The “For Lovers” EP is out now on Technicolour. Get it here.


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