My own private city | Kito Jempere: Saint Petersburg



LAGASTA ‘s new series “My own private city” is an inner journey into the cities of our favourite artists and producers around the world. More a personal affair than a typical city guide, the series offers a rare glimpse into a city through the eyes of an artist/producer.

From rooftops and studios to street corners and hidden gems, and from parks and neighbourhoods to favourite personal spots, we take an intimate trip to different places through memories, stories and photos. And it’s nothing short of an unforgettable experience.

Next in line is our beloved St Petersburg-based producer and DJ Kirill Sergeev, aka  Kito Jempere, an exceptionally talented artist who recently wowed us with his sublime third LP “Yet Another Kito Jempere Album”, his largest and most ambitious work to date, released via his own self-titled label and Emotional Response. Now Kito Jempere takes us for a ride into his home city of Saint Petersburg  by sharing his favourite places and faces and some gorgeous photos shot with his FujiDL200 camera during lockdown. 

This is Kito Jempere’s own private SAINT PETERSBURG. 

“Saint Petersburg is the city where I was born and it looks like I’m gonna live here forever. I have been asking myself why I’m not moving out, let’s say to Berlin or anywhere else, well…I was thinking about it many, many times… The weather is not always perfect here, we have often grey skies, and I think I have headaches 3 days out of 7 weekly. But, not to typo many words I will just show you a few pictures of Saint Petersburg shot on my FujiDL200. I hope this little diary for LAGASTA will goes on and on and I will try to show you “seasonal” Saint P at it’s best: this is part one, autumn/winter 2020.” – Kito Jempere

At Home

I make music at home and collaborate with other artists via internet or using real studios with my friends Kito Jempere Band members. At home it’s safe and sound, so here’s two pics what I see through my eyes.

Таврический сад

Near my home I have my private own NYC Central Park, it’s called Tavricheskiy Sad. I try to walk there as many times a week as I can, including hanging out with my kid and wife.


I’m spending quite a lot of time at Kuznyahouse on New Holland Island, restaurant and club where I was involved from super early stage, during the years guys as Young Marco, Wolfram, DJ Hell, Fantastic Man, Public Possession, Peak & Swift, Jimi Tenor and many others. Kuznyahouse and New Holland Island is when I want beauty in my eyes, just look what I see around me on daily basis.

Hidden gems 
In the city if you know secret locations there are a lot of old factories and places with also kinda NYC feeling!

Co-Op Garage

And it’s really cool to visit small and hip restaurants and spots as Co-Op Garage, where my friends from Renegade Store running their Renegade Radio Camp. Big love brothers.

Gulf of Finland, Solnechnoe

But my true love of Saint P is that u can drive 30 min and visit Gulf of Finland. Just look at the pictures I made. No comments…

Another 30-minute car ride to opposite direction will bring you to forests and a real autumn or winter fairyland…

Yet Another Kito Jempere Album

And in the end as I don’t have a Fuji picture with any other record. I recommend to go thru Saint Petersburg with my latest “Yet Another Kito Jempere Album”, which was totally made in this city and it is fulfilled with its mood.


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