Moullinex: “Running In The Dark” (ft. GPU Panic) Video

Moullinex: “Running In The Dark” (ft. GPU Panic) Video



“How can I be substantial if I do not cast a shadow? I must have
a dark side  also If I am to be whole.” — Carl Jung

Portuguese producer, DJ and multi-instrumentalist Luis Clara Gomes, aka Moullinex, has returned with his superb new track “Running In The Dark”, the first single off his upcoming album, which is excepted to drop early next year. The track arrives with a beautifully shot black-and-white video, directed by Bruno Ferreira. “Running In The Dark” was co-written with GPU Panic, who also lent his unique voice to Moullinex’s “Luz”, released back in April.

Speaking about “Running In The Dark”, Moullinex says: “Written during a period of personal loss and uncertainty, what ‘Running in the Dark’ means to me is taking chances. I decided to let my emotions take the wheel for once, and let the music go where it needed to go. That decision prompted both me and Tomé (GPU Panic) to step outside our usual comforts, and explore unexpected territories. Throughout this journey we encountered dirty breaks, arpeggiated basslines and the melodies of a Kora by Mbye Ebrima. We hope the result is able to resonate with you as much as it did with us.”

Watch the video above and make sure to a check a introspective and playful remix of “Running In The Dark” by London-based producer Seb Wildblood.

Moullinex’s “Running In The Dark” is out now on Discotexas. Get it here.


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