Morgan Geist: “Megaprojects Two”

Morgan Geist: “Megaprojects Two”

New York house maestro and Environ label boss Morgan Geist returns to his love for Detroit techno, Chicago tracks and generally exceptional dancefloor music with the second installment in his series of instrumental EPs: “Megaprojects Two”.

The new four-tracker is a fine collection of low-tech tracks made with cheap little drum machines and rejected old synths. As he says: “This edition in the series includes homages to the incredible Manic 5 dam in Quebec as well as the demolished Orange Country Government Center (designed by Paul Rudolph) in upstate New York.” Get your fill of the record’s opener “Manic Cinq”.

Morgan Geist’s “Megaprojects Two” is out now on Environ Records. Buy it here.


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