Man Power: “Economy” LP

Man Power: “Economy” LP

Just last week, British producer and Me Me Me label head Geoff Kirkwood, aka Man Power dropped a collaborative album with DFA stalwart Juan MacLean as Juan Power. Now, he’s already back with his second album, entitled “Economy”, his first LP in five years since the release of his debut self-titled album via Correspondant in 2015.

The 8-track record was originally going to be a double 12” release that was packaged in a bio degradable “plastic” shopping bag instead of a traditional record sleeve. It was scheduled for release in October, but the current crisis has made him decide to bring the whole thing forward as a digital release via Bandcamp.

In his own words: “It was a nice idea, so I’m not ruling out it happening when the world is back on track, but for now I feel getting music out there is probably the most valuable thing i personally contribute to the world…For almost 5 years I’ve been creatively crippled by paying attention to the advice I’ve both received and have given regarding the way to make an album. Things like “an album should contain short tracks”. An album should feature vocalists. An album should be stylistically narrow. An album should be conceptually accessible. An album should contain an obvious single. This album represents the freedom I found when I decided to ignore everybody’s advice. Especially my own.”

With the “Economy” LP, Man Power has created one of his finest works to date. One of our favorite cuts off the record is “Boneyard”, a nearly 13 minutes epic ride. Blast it above, and ride with us.

The “Economy” LP is out now. Pick up your copy via Man Power’s Bandcamp.


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