A Track A Day: Little Boots

A Track A Day:
Little Boots

With the current circumstances and the weird, turbulent times all over the globe, we asked our friends to choose a favourite track or an album for these isolated days, and share it with us along with a photo. A track a day keeps the bad vibes away. Stay safe.

Next is line is English electro-pop sensation Little Boots, aka Victoria Hesketh. Our beloved singer and songwriter shares with us one of her favourite tracks from the ’80s, Ken Lazlo’s classic “Tonight”.

Little Boots writes: “My track is Ken Lazlo’s ‘Tonight’. It’s maybe not my favourite track in the whole world but I moved recently so my records are everywhere and its certainly a good one! I just love Italo disco, its so camp and bonkers and always cheers me up and gets me moving, both things we all need as much of as we can right now. It brings back memories of watching old TV performances of Ken Lazlo like this one on our tour bus whilst touring the states a few years ago, I’m not sure he wins any prizes for stage presence or miming…but always made us smile. There’s something about a lot of the stride and pace of Italo records like this that means they can work almost anywhere – In a sweaty dance party, a gay club, at the gym on headphones, getting ready for going out (or staying in!), that last song at 3am or even just walking to work or something… or maybe its just me! I also love that Italo lyrics never really make much sense but these really stood out to me at this time….”

Don’t be so worried baby
Everything has gotta be great
Why don’t you try to know it?
You don’t have to think to forget…
…Catch the moment, enjoy yourself
Try to touch it with the love in the eyes
Don’t be so worried baby
Everything has gotta be great

“So trust Ken, everything has gotta be great.”


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