Larry Gus: “Taped Hands Here”

Larry Gus: “Taped Hands Here”

He’s back! Our beloved Greek psych-pop musician Panagiotis Melidis, aka Larry Gus, returns to DFA with “Subservient”, his fourth release for the label. More pop-oriented than his previous albums, the 10-track record is a lush combination of “crisis funk pop and trad Mediterranean grooves”. Lyrics sung in Greek and English address Larry’s overwhelming struggles with being a father, husband, artist, and human in 2019. In the artist’s own words, this album is about “trying to understand empathy and act with it on everyday life,” as well as “the imperative of empathy above everything else.”

The “Subservient” LP is sample-free, a first for Larry, who plays every instrument himself: a drum kit, an SM57 microphone, a guitar, a bass, a TE OP-1 synthesizer, and a Roland JV-1010 synth module. The record graciously explores the nuance that can be found within delineated lines: pop and folk music, rooted in Greek tradition; internal anxieties and empathy expressed outward; the tightrope struggle of living in the present and wallowing in the past. Before it drops on October 25th, we’re treated to a stream of the album’s infectious first single “Taped Hands Here”.

Pre-order the “Subservient” LP here.


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