Kornél Kovács: “Rocks”

Kornél Kovács: “Rocks”

Swedish house producer Kornél Kovács returns with his second album “Stockholm Marathon” on Studio Barnhus, which follows his 2016’s superb debut LP “The Bells”. Some of his dearest Stockholm people have been extremely involved in the making of this record: jazz musician Niclas Skagstedt, Matt Karmil, Rebecca & Fiona.

Speaking of the album, Kornél Kovács says: “In the past, making music has mostly been a solitary pursuit for me. My previous album ‘The Bells’ was largely the result of sitting alone in dark rooms for years. Funny thing that while ‘Stockholm Marathon’ is more of a collaborative effort than anything I’ve done before, it also feels to me like the most personal music I’ve released so far.” Get your fill of the record’s lead single “Rocks”, featuring Rebecca & Fiona, below.

The “Stockholm Marathon” drops on April 26th via Studio Barnhus. Pre-order it here.


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