Klorin: “Noncompliance”

Klorin: “Noncompliance”

Say hello to Klorin, a new collaborative project between Kenton Slash Demon, the Copenhagen duo of Silas Moldenhawer and Jonas Kenton, and Norin, also known as the lead singer of Swedish synth-pop trio Lust For Youth. Their four-track debut EP “Noncompliance” floats inbetween industrial hypnotic techno and dark ambient, created in a number of early morning sessions in Kenton Slash Demon’s Copenhagen studio.

In their own words: “We were fascinated by the idea of combining something that was almost primal or tribe like rhythmically with an atmosphere that felt tecnologically advanced and futuristic – aiming to capture a feeling of being detached from society in an industrialized, achromatized and modern world.” Watch a video for the EPs slow and groovy title track, which was created by Rune Brink.

Klorin’s debut “Noncompliance” EP arrives on November 4th on vinyl via WAA Industry, while the digital version will come out on November 18th. Pre-order it here.


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