Jump Source: “All My Love Is “Free”

Jump Source: “All My Love Is “Free”

Canadian producer Patrick Holland, aka Project Pablo, has teamed up with fellow Montreal producer/DJ Francis Latreille, aka Francis Oak, for a new collaborative EP, entitled “Guide To Action”, as Jump Source. Set to drop late next month via Project Pablo’s own imprint ASL Singles Club, the pair’s first four-tracker includes “solos, vocals, and amusing fadeouts.”

According to the label: “It all started on a Thursday afternoon in Montreal’s Mile End at Francis’ studio. Over an MPC 2000XL, Moog Source, modular kit, and some Junos, the two tweaked breaks and blended pads until things sat just right.” Our first taste of the upcoming EP comes in the form of the seven-minute jam “All My Love Is “Free”, and it’s a great one.

Pre-order the “Guide To Action” EP here.


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