Joakim: “Indri Eyes” Video

Joakim: “Indri Eyes” Video

The video for Joakim’s new track “Indri Eyes” is about water.

Video by Joakim.

After dropping the “Second Nature (Wild Mixes)” EP back in March, an appetizer to his forthcoming album “Second Nature”, French producer Joakim has shared a self-directed video for the record’s first track “Indri Eyes”.

The new 16-track record, his most ambitious project so far, is an album about our relationship to Nature to make it short or how Western civilization disconnected Nature from Culture. Every song was born using field recordings as a basis canvas, the sounds of Nature are the lead voice here.

The video for “Indri Eyes” is about water. As he says: “For me this new record is really an audio visual project, I envisioned it as an immersive experience because it’s all about blurring the boundaries, questioning our position in the world.”

The album “Second Nature” will drop on August 27th via his own label Tigersushi.

Pre-order it here.


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