Holy Ghost!: “Anxious”

Holy Ghost!: “Anxious”

Holy Ghost!, the NYC-based synth-dance duo of Nick Millhiser and Alex Frankel, are back with the brand-new 12-inch single “Anxious’ on New York City disco label West End Records. The first new release of original music in the iconic West End Records album sleeve in over 30 years, “Anxious” sees Millhiser and Frankel pay homage to the originators of disco while leading the genre firmly into the future. “I think we both first discovered West End Records as teenagers searching for open drum breaks in used record stores in NYC. West End 12”’s we’re always hot,” says Frankel.

The four-track collection, due out on October 26th in vinyl and digital formats, features A Tom Moulton Mix of “Anxious”, Holy Ghost! Remix of The Chuck Davis Orchestra’s 1977 classic “Spirit of Sunshine” and the shimmering title track.

The track “Anxious” is also out today as a stand-alone digital single and the full package is available for pre-order here.


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